In 1995 the idea of a Foundation was born. First step in forming this Foundation was to get permission from Grand Council with a motion passed at the 1995 Annual Grand Guardian Council meeting. The first Foundation meeting was held January 1996. The California Job’s Daughters Foundation was incorporated on February 1, 1996 as a nonprofit charity under the laws of the State of California. In November 1996, the Foundation received approval from the IRS as 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity making all donations to the Foundation tax deductible to the full extent of the law. It was through many hours, meetings, brain storming, conversations, research and much patience, that 19 people brought an idea into a reality. From the original group Jo-Ann Anderson and Jeannine Hinman are still serving on the Board today.

The Foundation is a nonprofit organization, a public benefit corporation, not privately held, and is a totally separate entity from Job’s Daughters. The Foundation is totally separate from Grand Guardian Council, operating independently and use no titles. The Foundation is more business than a fraternal organization. The Foundation was organized exclusively for charitable purposes under the Section 501(c)(3) code of the IRS of 1986. The Foundation is not for any gain or political purposes. Everything the organization does is for charitable purposes.

In short, the Foundation is here as a corporation under which our Laws say is our Purpose: The Foundation was formed primarily to receive gifts, grants, and contributions for use in the encouragement and development of good citizenship and sound character among youth, establishing clean upright living by teaching the virtues of friendship, reverence, love of parents and guardians, patriotism, courtesy and fidelity. This means the Foundation can work with other organizations but we choose to make Job’s Daughters of California our primary beneficiary.

The Foundation has supported Hearing Improvement Kids Endowment (HIKE), Grand Guardian of California Philanthropic Project and other charities such as Salvation Army for Haitian Relief, Grand Master’s Project for Fire Relief, and Family Promise. The Foundation also gives many scholarships every year. The scholarships are academic and vocational, with one that is renewable up to 4 years.

There have been seven Presidents (thru 2022): Jo-Ann Anderson, Jerry Storey, Ray Davies, Donna Thom, Rose Marie Short and Suzi Kelley, Dorina Chu. There have been twelve Vice Presidents (ten individuals): Steve Cooley, Rhonda Gayler, Ken Alexander, Howard Kirkpatrick, Carolyn LaValley, Jeannine Hinman, Doug Anderson, Tom Steig, Suzi Kelley, Kendall Mills, Tom Steig, and Kendall Mills. There have been seven CFO: Lousie LeFrancois, Richard Dixon, Cline "Cub" Jack, Marvin Baumgardener, Denise LaFromboise, Tom Steig and Bob Alexander. There have been three Secretaries: Debbie Eller, Judy Rickabaugh and Sharron Porter.

Members of the Foundation Board are elected for a three-year term and must be CAV (Certified Adult Volunteer) certified for their term. One does not need to be a Grand Guardian Council or Job’s Daughter member to be eligible. New members are always welcomed to continue working together to make the California Job’s Daughters Foundation grow.

From January 2016 Minutes