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Annual Sponsor

A donation of at least $25 per person each year designates the donor as an Annual Sponsor. Adult Group Annual Sponsorship is a gift of at least $100. Download form or use PayPal on the right.


Any amount - large or small - is appreciated and helps us meet our objectives. Download Donation form or use Pay Pal on the right.

Estate Planning: Leave a Legacy

You can include a provision in your will for the California Job’s Daughters Foundation to be a recipient of a specific amount payable upon your death.


This is a way to remember someone special. Families often suggest giving to “a charity of your choice.” Why not make that the California Job’s Daughters Foundation? Your gift can be designated for general fund, scholarship, or leadership. The family will be notified of your gift, however, the amount is kept confidential.

In Honor of

This fund gives a living tribute to a special person in your life - in appreciation for the kindness they have done for you, to demonstrate your friendship or anniversary - or just because. Gift can be designated for general fund, scholarship or leadership training. The recipient of the gift is always notified of your thoughtfulness. The amount of your gift is kept confidential.

Named Funds

When donations are given in a person’s name (totaling $500 or more), indicating use for a scholarship, that money is kept in a temporarily restricted fund and scholarships are awarded each year as long as the funds are available. If a very substantial amount is given, a permanent named scholarship may be created with the growth providing scholarships.


The Scholarship Fund is used to award academic and vocational scholarships to California Job’s Daughters and at-large students with leadership & academic qualities. The number and amounts of scholarships awarded each year are based on available money.

Training Fund (Beatrice Atwood Memorial Fund for Leadership)

This fund is used to assist the leadership training of adults and youth of California Job’s Daughters through weekend seminars.

General Fund

The General Fund not only pays for general office expenses of the Foundation, but also pays for the printing & mailing of our newsletter Brick by Brick and additional promotional materials. This fund supports philanthropic commitments approved by the Board of Trustees. Other program expenses are supplemented by this fund.

Fund Raisers

You can provide contributions and support to the Foundation through many fund raising activities; including Annual Silent Auction, V-DAC car/boat and your local grocery store. See Fund Raising page.


There are many ways you can support the California Job’s Daughters Foundation.

Donation Form

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